Need help finding motivated leads? We’ve got you covered.about Radius Assist.

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Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing

Save 10% with Annual Pricing!
Save 10% with Annual Pricing!

All plans Include:

Zero Commission Split

Zero Commission Split

Agent Service Manager

Agent Service Manager

Lead Vetting & Nurturing

Lead Vetting & Nurturing

Integrated Dashboard

Integrated Dashboard

Training, Education, & Mentorship

Training, Education, & Mentorship

Cash Offers

Cash Offers

Compliance and Escalation Support

Compliance and Escalation Support

Referral Marketplace

Referral Marketplace

Buy Before You Sell

Buy Before You Sell



Perfect plan if you are new to the industry or only close a handful of deals a year.

Marketing I

  • x

    Radius Branded Business Cards and Yard Signs

Tech I

  • Google Suite

    Google Suite

  • Slack


  • Skyslope




For agents who close multiple deals a year and value additional technology, support and services.

Marketing II

All Marketing I, plus:

  • x

    CRM & Website

  • x

    Neutral Branded Social

  • x

    Vetted Leads Program

Tech II

All Tech I, plus:

  • Canva


  • Highnote





For professionals who are building their own brand, team, or own their own firm.

Marketing III

All Marketing I and II, plus:

  • x

    Your Branding

  • x

    Personalized Social Media

Tech III

All tech II and II, plus:

  • New Product Beta

    New Product Beta

  • Product Feedback

    Product Feedback

  • Team Training

    Team Training

  • Recruiting Assistance

    Recruiting Assistance

  • Team Subscription Discounts

    Team Subscription Discounts

  • Business Planning

    Business Planning

  • Equity Ownership

    Equity Ownership

Transaction and Insurance Fees

Transaction Coordination

Buy Side


Sell Side


Dual Side



E&O Insurance (CA Only)


Warm Leads

35%Commission Split

Zillow Flex Close


Audit Fee (If not using Radius TC)

Audit Fee


1. Agent commission is based on a 3% commission per transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support and mentorship even though Radius Agent is virtual?

Yes! We have several programs for agent growth and support. Our Radius Mentorship Program allows you to pair with senior agents based on the skills you’d like to develop. Radius Academy--a curated video library, which allows you to learn from leading coaches and experts. And Radius Events--live seminars and courses from real estate professionals that help you grow as an agent.

Can we choose our mentors? What type of mentorship does your brokerage provide?

You can pick and choose which mentors you’d like to work with. We provide you with a list of senior agents and the respective skills they excel in. Pair with any agent you’d like to work with based on the skills you’d like to develop.

Can I work independently or do I have to join a team? Can I build my own team?

It’s your preference. As an agent, you can work independently. If you’d like to join a team, we’d help you find a team that’s a great match.

When can I start claiming leads?


Do I have to brand my business under Radius Agent or can create my own brand?

At your Radius, we help you create your own brand. Our goal is to help your name and brand thrive.