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Accept leads for $0. Set your preferences and you’ll see leads in your area. Our process is simple and based on supply and demand. You only pay a fee at closing.

Looking to send referrals? Your submitted referrals will be expertly matched with quality, top-performing real estate agents. You’ll receive a 25% referral fee on every deal closed, guaranteed.
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Working with Radius Agent was so easy! Best of all, closing occurred in 3 weeks! Easiest sale I've had in a very long time. I highly recommend Radius Agent for your referrals!

Tami Bradley,
Windermere Real Estate,
Monroe, WA

Finding motivated clients is hard.
We make it easy.

Radius Assist

Need help qualifying leads or following up? Our US based, Inside Sales Agent (ISA) trained team is here for you.

We call, text, and email your leads plus set appointments on your behalf. Now, with different financing options.
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Radius Agent has been amazing for my team. We deal with a large volume of leads with so many sources. I've worked with several follow up companies in the past and so far Radius Agent has been the best!

Sandy McAlpine,
Re/MAX Executive,
Charlotte, NC

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Finally, a community built for real estate professionals.

From gaining insights to giving advice, the Radius Community is a place to help you connect and grow with over 60,000 agents nationwide.

Proud partner of Women’s Council of Realtors and AREAA


I treat it as my Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin all combined into one for Real Estate. I am constantly scrolling through the feed to see updates. I can message another realtor easily…

gloria byington remax

Gloria Byington,
RE/MAX Preferred Realtors,
San Antonio, TX


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Have a stream of leads that aren’t for you? We contact, qualify, and match your lead with up to three top agents in our Radius Community. You’ll receive updates every step of the way and receive 25% commission when each deal closes.

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